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Rift CV1 Hardware error


I just dusted off my Oculus Rift cv1 and when installing the software it gives me : Hardware error.

The sensors and the controllers work fine but the headset gives no image/display.

The orange light does work on the headset.

Does this mean my headset is broken?

I tried all the trick posted on the internet _de-install\repair and uninstalling and installing Nvidia drivers.

My hardware is GTX 1080 i7 7700


Could you post what the solution was?

What was the solution, please?

The rift headset was replaced..

The rift headset was replaced.

Hi RuneSR2. Sorry if I don't know the protocol on forums as i'm new to this. I see that you are still using the Rift CV1. I am also using the Rift. As you are well versed with the headset, could you tell if you have noticed that the Rift CV1 enviroments have disappeared from the Oculus app. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance


No worries about protocol, you're always welcome to contact me. 

I just loaded up Home - seems to work perfectly as ever - these shots are a few minutes old taken while wearing the CV1:



- also got the Stormland stuff up: 



So my Home looks fine, all assets loaded flawlessly - I didn't check for other environments, but I could swear these were there last week when I made changes to my home. If you're thinking about other environments than the one I'm showing here, I can check for these later. 

If you get no environment, check that you have not disabled Home in the desktop app settings. 

Oculus Rift CV1, Valve Index & PSVR2, Asus Strix OC RTX™ 3090, i9-10900K (5.3Ghz), 32GB 3200MHz, 16TB SSD
"Ask not what VR can do for you, but what you can do for VR"

I checked mine today and all I get is the loading grid and the app panels. I will try reinstalling the Oculus app. Maybe that will work. I have the Quest 2 aswell but I prefer the Rift any day.

Hey there, @RustyPouch69! We can understand that issues like this can be very inconvenient and negatively impact your VR experience, we'd love to help out however we can! Feel free to reach out to us through our Meta Store Support site, that way we'll be able to review your logs and help out with getting this issue resolved! We'll be looking forward to hearing from you, enjoy the rest of your day! 

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!

- and did you check that Home is enabled in the desktop app settings? Just to be sure... Otherwise I think you'll just get the loading grid... 

Oculus Rift CV1, Valve Index & PSVR2, Asus Strix OC RTX™ 3090, i9-10900K (5.3Ghz), 32GB 3200MHz, 16TB SSD
"Ask not what VR can do for you, but what you can do for VR"

Sorry I must sound like a newbie but where in the oculus app do enable the Home in the app. Many thanks

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