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Rift S Crashes Randomly (Freezes, Beeps, Black Screen, Static)

Level 2

Hey there, I've had my Rift S headset for a few years now and now recently whenever I try to do anything in vr it randomly freezes with a loud beep noise and then cuts to black with static, after a bit less than a minute my headset starts working again. I've tried all of my 3.2 ports at the back of my pc and happens when I play any game.

If possible I would like some help, if you need me to I can post my pc specs and/or a log of the last week.





Level 2

Update: I was able to reach the 3.0 port at the front of my pc, doing that allowed me to play for a bit longer before it crashed.

Hey there, friend!


Goodness, it seems you got your hands full with a unique predicament that causing a number of issues. Let's have you get in touch with a specialist here: When you make first contact with them, please describe all the issues you are experiencing. This will help to alleviate this as soon as possible! Rest assured you'll be very well taken care of!


We'll see you on the other side, glf5!