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Rift S DisplayPort not connecting, Meta support not responding on WhatsApp

Honored Guest

I am struggling to make the Rift S work on my HP Omen (1060 3gb graphics) desktop PC

It did work when I first hooked it up, for two glorious hours, but then it stopped and hasn't worked again. Also, curiously, my mouse and keyboard stopped working when I was using the Rift S and didn't work again until after a reboot.

I have attempted the following troubleshooting steps:
Made sure the cord is secure inside the headset
Attempted every USB port on my computer, and unplugged unnecessary USB devices
Purchased a powered 3.0 USB data Hub, and plugged in the Rift S via the powered hub, in case it was a power issue
Deleted the drivers, deleted the Oculus software, reinstalled. Logged out and back in.

Are there any other steps to take?

I attempted to contact Meta support and opened a ticket, but so far they have not responded on WhatsApp, which is frustrating.
Please respond.


Honored Guest

This is such trash. I deeply regret my purchase.

It would be nice if someone from this company was accessible for support, and like responded or something.


Your GPU is woefully underpowered for VR.

It is within the listed system requirements for the device, so it should be able to connect and work on a basic/technical level even if I can't play the latest or greatest game titles.



 Ensure you're using a quality usb 3.1 gen 1 (5Gbps), and a corresponding proper usb port. The USB port/s you're trying to use may not be 3.1 (5Gbps).

The recommended system requirements for Rift S list USB 3.0, and I am using USB 3.0

I don't have USB 3.1, but I shouldn't need it for this because USB 3.0 is the system requirements.

I understand that I can probably buy a new PC with better graphics and USB 3.1, and make it work with that, but my current PC is within the recommended specs and my intent is to troubleshoot the PC I already have and make it work

I will attempt a USB 3.1, even tho that exceeds the recommended requirements.

I've ordered this
Which will use a PCIe slot and give me a USB 3.1 slot

Does it have to be 5Gbps? Because this card says 10Gbps...


It doesnt exceed the requirements, 5Gbps is absolutely required for Link. 10Gbps is fine, 10 and 5 are backwards compatible,

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