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Rift S - Sensors can't track headset. Is this issue exclusive only to Windows 11?


Hi all, I wanted to ask the community if this particular issue is occurring on Windows 10, because many are suggesting to go back.
I do have a genuine product key for Windows 10, making going back to that a valid option as a very last resort if absolutely necessary.

I'm aware that I'm not the only one who is having this sudden issue since Wednesday (if not Tuesday:)
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In fact, there are more and older posts suggesting that this issue could have been happening for a while.

I came across some posts saying that the cable connecting to the Rift S headset and the PC might have become faulty, as well as some other posts saying that a recent update could've possibly "bricked" my Rift S. I can only hope that's not the case, especially since I wasn't in the public test channel prior to encountering the issue.

At this point, I do not know where this issue is originating from.



Meta has abandoned Rift owners and treats quests users only slightly better. Most every issue that has come up is years old and has received the same canned responses every 3 or 4 months. There is no live support and Meta seems to shun any kind of active engineering support and bug list fix forum. 

I just came by the forum to see how many people were now reporting this endless login, much like running the mobius strip they use for a logo, it is really just a twisted circle to nowhere.  Good luck to you, this hardware was awesome before, but Meta is well named. It is a an aggressive metastatic cancer infecting all the hosts it merges with.

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If you want Rift to work, then you do not decide which sofware or hardware to use - only Meta does. 

Never use any os or hardware not directly supported by Meta. Win11 is not supported and many newer gpus are also not supported. 


Supported Rift hardware and os etc are listed here for Rift S:

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