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Rift S USB cable randomly disconnecting

Level 2

I would like to receive an answer as soon as possible!

My Rift S USB has been disconnecting itself since last summer now. I thought this was a problem that would go away over time, but it didn't, I repeat this has been going on since last summer. I have had this problem for a half a year now.

My Rift S USB cable sometimes from 30 seconds to 30 minutes of in game play it likes to disconnect sometimes it loses sound, hand tracking goes too forward, etc. I have tried every USB port in my PC and every display port.

It is super annoying to lose sound without having to restart or reboot oculus software. It disconnects then tries to reboot in game, first time its successful but the second time i have to reboot oculus or restart my PC.

What can I do to fix this issue OR do I have to get a new VR headset. My Rift S still has warranty.

Some games disconnect you from the game if your USB cable disconnect even for a second)

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X


If you have a warranty you should claim against it. The Rift-S cable is known to be a weak point

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @VRenjoyer12! We see you're having a bit of an issue with your headset. We have a few suggestions that you can try out to see if help.

• Check the Rift cable for any frays, bent pins, twists, kinks.
• Reseat the cable on the headset
• Check to see if all USB drivers are updated

• Try the headset on another PC (if possible)

• Remove any adapters/extenders

Please let us know if any of these worked for you!

Neither of those things didnt work that you suggested

All my drivers are updated to recent ones, reseated the cable. i saw that it didn't have any frays, bent pins, twists, kinks (from my eye that i could see) . I tried to install the oculus software to my laptop which is VRready, but it doesn't have a display port so i couldn't do it.

Hey @VRenjoyer12. We were hoping it might be something simple but it seems life just can never be that easy. Oh well! There's still more we can do to help so don't you worry. We'd like you to go to our support team and submit a ticket with them. They'll have all the tools needed to get your Rift S problem sorted out!

If anything doesn't work or you need more help, let us know.