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Rift S causing pc abruptly shut down crash

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Hello there ppl,


Yesterday I updated windows and nvidia drivers, started playing some beatsaber and for the first time since the Rift-S launch I experienced my pc shutting down while I was in VR with no blue screens, just like what would happen if I took the plug out of the wall.


At first I thought it were a PSU problem, but after running gpu and cpu stress tests for half an hour I became suspicious of the RiftS and got into VR to see what would happen, in 10 sec had a shut down.

Well I spent the whole day troubleshooting and now instead of shutting down once every 20 min it lasts less than a minute.


Things that I tried: Went back to old windows version, used DDU to downgrade nvidia drivers, removed the OC I had on GPU, reinstalled oculus, changed USB power settings on windows and BIOS and reinstalled a fresh windows 10.

Unfortunately nothing seems to work 😞

My guess atm it's that for some reason the USB 3.0 Ports I use to plug in the rift-s are drawing too much power and makes the pc abruptly restart. The fresh Windows 10 install really makes me think its a hardware thing but idk my rift its just a fancy paperweight now 


Pc Config: GPU:RTX 2060 , CPU:i5-9400f, RAM:16(2x8)gb ram, PSU:CoolerMaster 650W Full modular 80 plus gold , MOBO: Gigabyte H310M M.2 (rev. 1.0) , Storage: 1x 7200RPM 2TB sata, 1x480gb kingston A400Sata SSD and 1x512gb KingSpec Nvme SSD(Where windows and oculus are installed)


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @pureplay, please open a support ticket with us here so we can look into your issue. Thanks!