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Rift S crashes when headset goes to sleep

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Hello all!


I don't have a lot of time now to provide all my specs, but I have an Alienware Aurora R8 with nVidia 2080 RTX.  I did upgrade my RAM from default to two 16gb sticks of HyperX Ram.   Which may be relevant.


Anyways here is my situation:


I use this primarily for iRacing.  What was happening seemingly at random was the USB would fail mid use (WR screen would stop tracking, then freeze, then go black).  


Through a long and frustrating Support process, it seems that the cable may have had a slight issue.  It would short or something.  I can explain how I figure this, but I was able to get a second headset to test with and new cable (various permutations of those were tested to try and isolate).

Anyways the sudden stopping seems to be ok, but I have a new problem now.

Whenever I take my headset off (which is needed in iRacing to work on setups, or in case of LONG endurance races to wait to jump back in car which could be hours) the blue light at the front of the headset goes off (like 1-3 minutes usually).  When this happens, I put the headset on, the screen stays black, and the white light on the inside changes to orange and I get a notification in the App that USB is not connected.


In my Device Manager I normally see Rift S twice under USB, but when this happens one of those gets an error (Code 43) and turns generic... so no longer says Rift S.  


Two results from this:

1) I exit out of iRacing, unplug USB, wait 10 seconds, plug it back in, load iRacing and it is fine again (until I take it off again)


2) ALL my USB's stop working, including Keyboard and Mouse, but the PC is still working otherwise.  Like if a video is playing or Discord is on, I can still see and hear but cannot control anything.  Only way out is to unplug the Rift and do a hard reboot.


I have been working on this since June, over a dozen log files sent to Support, endless research here and Reddit etc. and I have NO idea what is going on and Oculus provides ZERO info on what they think the issue is.  Lots of suggesting "unplug this, turn off that, recycle this, Public test channel, power settings etc.).

None of it is helpful.  I think we have ruled out power settings, and other peripherals (like USB ones) as the problem is the same with or without those (MSI Afterburner was a big one, but it happened with and without, and without it heats up GPU too high so didn't like that).


I suspect there are driver and firmware issues, or a conflict with USB or other drivers.  It does not seem like hardware issues specifically as all ports work for anything else, and I only have these issues when using the Rift S.  However I cannot narrow it down.


Things I have heard are problems with Windows updates but nothing concrete.  


Anyone have this?  Any ideas what I could do or what it could be?


Please provide answers here and I can let you know if I've looked at it and what I found.  I feel through this process I have done something by mistake or Rift S just will not work with current system for some reason.


Thanks everyone, at end of my rope here.

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