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Rift S losing hand tracking and can't see through passthrough camera

After setting up my Rift S this morning, I played for approximately
2 hours and ran into an issue in Beatsaber where my body movement was
not longer being tracked and I couldn't move my sticks anymore. I went back to the home screen and noticed that my hands were stuck to my side and all I could do was rotate my controllers in place. I was also unable to see anything through the passthrough camera as it was just static.

I've disabled USB 3.0 power management in Windows
tried every USB 3.0 plug on my computer, the ones that do work now only
last for 30 seconds to 3 minutes before static screen comes back and I
lose tracking.
I've unplugged all others USB cables on my computer except keyboard and mouse.
Camera permissions are on for Windows 10
I've reseated the video cable in the headset itself.
Videocard Drivers are up to date
Windows 10 is completely up to date
Rift Firmware is up to date
I've reinstalled Oculus software and run the setup multiple times.

I've seen a few others on Reddit with the same problem. Is this a faulty batch of hardware here?
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Hey. I had my Rift S for 3 month, loosing tracking all the time. Finally I desided to try out a PCIe Card for USB 3.0. Ordered one and the was told that a powered USB 3.0 PCIe should work better. After installing the powered USB 3.0 I sadly had same issues....... Then I installed the NOT POWERED USB 3.0 PCIe card, and wow, first time in 3 month my tracking was working on Rift S. Super nice. So just find a good brand. I deffently think the drivers and hardware is very improtant for Rift S, not so mutch if it is powered or not...... 

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To add my own experience to this, I was having the same problem as a lot of people.  After a random amount of time, sometimes as short as a few minutes, sometimes as long as an hour or two, my hands would get stuck in place and rotation would work but nothing else.  I bought a cheap 20 dollar powered USB 3.0 port from Walmart, plugged it into my system (with the Rift S the only device connected to the hub, just to be safe, remember that hubs don't increase the bandwidth available on the port so multiple devices splits data transfer limit between all of them!), and in a 9 hour play session yesterday I had zero tracking loss.

Do yourself a favor, get yourself a powered hub if none of the "free" fixes works for you, it'll probably fix the issue completely without sending back the headset multiple times or replacing expensive cables and whatnot.

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Found one solution to the problem. I unplugged all the cables (including headset side) and made sure they were clean/clear. plugged it back in and restarted my computer. make sure to check the computer and headset ports too not just the cable.

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I am not sure if it was the solution for me, but you can give it a try:
Deinstall all Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables and install them again.

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One guy at the YouTube said, that disabling extra light sources(Christmas lights) and leaving only one light source helped him. Many people in the comments had the same way to fix - even pc leds were interfering. I'm be glad if anyone try this kind of fix and leave result here.
But this didn't mean that lights may be only one issue with tracking problem. I think that there many more sources of issues, that include drivers, USB low power, cable, etc. And only one way to find your issue is to try everything separately to exclude inappropriate solutions.
Video named "2020 fix controller stuck in air oculus quest rift s"

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