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Rift S losing tracking and Static screen

Level 2
Hey all. I know the internet is full of this error but i cannot find a fix yet with the purchase of extra hardware.
So i got the Rift S to replace my old Rift. Since i also was in need of new pedals and steering wheel for simracing this was the cheapest solution.
I loved it ate first but then i start to notice that i was lossing connection with my controllers. I mean the controllers are still there but i cannot move them except turning them around. Also when this happens the pass-through just give statics. Sounds familiar? 😉

So i did several things to fix the issue. A restart in the Beta menu, unplugging the cables from the PC or rebooting the PC mostly works but i do not wish to do this 5 times in an hour. Do not get my wrong, last i played a couple of hours in games like The forrest, Paranormal Activity with out any issues.

Other things i tried like USB power management, unplugging all other USB hardware (currently i have the Rift, T150 wheel, Mouse, keyboard, an USB stick, external HDD with extra power, an external SSD and sometimes a xbox controller), but that also did not the trick. I know about all the external drives. I also need a new SSD to get rid of these.

I also checked the cable en put it back into the headset. Seems fine. The light should also be OK.
Could it be my Sharkoon VG6-W RGB who is making so many beautifull colors that interferes or Bitdefender (i read soemwhere)?

I also read a lot about adding the Inateck PCIe card but not all people reported the issue with tracking solved by this card. That is the last thing i can do to test. Should i get the USB.30 4 port card or the 2 port card with USB3.1 (A and C port)? I have already so many USB ports (i believe 10) and i do not have the need for 4 more.
Does this card get enough power since it is connected to the Power supply? I do not understund why the mobo USB ports get less power.

I could also try to look in the bios to crank up the USB power if that is possible in my BIOS but i do not wish to ruin my pc.

I hope you guys can give me some answers...i hate driving on pole when i suddenly cannot move my head 6 ways and go back to 3 haha

Level 2
As an addition i just saw that main mobo MSI A320M-A PRO MAX in combination with my GTX 1660 Super has no free or accesible PCIe port 😞 is a powered USB Hub an option

Level 5
I cannot speak to compatibility, but the reason the onboard USB power is not the same as the add-in card is because of the MB bus system. Most boards have a certain number of power rails, some are devoted to GPU, CPU, and some to USB, etc. Usually, SEVERAL USB ports share the same rail through the USB bus. When you add in another card it uses a DIFFERENT set of power rails, coming off the PCIe bus rather than the dedicated USB bus (really they are probably both a PCIe rail these days but I digress.)
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