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Rift S negative performance headroom.

Honored Guest
I noticed my VR titles performing sub par out of nowhere. Stutters, freezes, low fps. In population one every time i walk over an item the game stutters. Single handed shooting is smooth, but using 2 hands causes the game to drop in FPS hard when the trigger is pulled. Loss of tracking in blade and sorcery. General unstable performance in almost every title. Performance headroom drops to -200% when performing actions with button presses. Joystick inputs dont seem to cause much of a fuss. 

troubleshooting i have done has included, trying all usb ports, 3.1 and 2.0. formatting hard drives, fresh install of windows, driver updates, two different CPUs for testing, installing games on different hard drives both ssd and hdd. 

PC specs:
Crosshair vi hero motherboard
rzn 7 3700x cpu
16gb 3200mhz ddr4

trobuleshooting data:
CPU and GPU utilization is EXTREMELY low, near 15% give or take during gameplay. 
temperatures are fine
Non VR titles perform as expected. 
as mentioned above performance headroom dramatically dips from 80ish available to -200 when performing actions.
This issue happened once before and i managed to fix it but i cant for the life of me figure it out again. 

Placed ticket into oculus support but waiting for a response.


Honored Guest

hi buddy i have the same problem how do you fix it?

Honored Guest

hi buddy i have the same problem how did you fix it?