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Rift S position

Level 3

I purchased Rift S headset 6 months ago. 1 week ago position of headset have issues. When i sitting down, rift still being in "standing" position. When I walking in Game Zone, rift s is static. Okay, controllers are static too. I can't use they normally. When I turning on camera's with double click "oculus home" on right controller, I am not see my room. I see a "snow". Guys, help me please, I can't play Half-Life Alyx(((



My PC:

Asus TUF Gaming Z-690 Plus D4

Intel Core i7-12700KF

Kingston Fury DDR4 2400 32GB

Colorful GTX 1050 Ti

WD 1tb

SSD Samsung 500gb

Windows 10 PRO 21H2


Community Manager
Community Manager

Oh man! Half-Life Alyx is where it's at! Let's get all that extra stuff under control, so you can get back to blasting headcrabs. 🎯


We don't want you to have to repeat any steps, so before we begin, can you tell us if you've done anything to try and fix this yourself?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Were you able to get that taken care of @yamantAy?

I turned off USB power saving, turned off power saving in the power settings, started the game from the Oculus application, changed the frequency of lighting in the room, turned off the antivirus, reinstalled the Oculus drivers, and all the other banal things that are scattered throughout the reddit and oculus space)

Could it be that the headset does not have enough power from the USB port? Maybe you can somehow increase the amount of current supplied to the USB ports in UEFI, or will you have to buy a powered USB 3.0 hub?

In this state of the headset, you can play any static games, such as War Thunder or City Car Driving. Boneworks, H-L:A, Beat saber, etc. can no longer be played. Controllers fly off somewhere to the side, up, and anywhere. It is not allowed to bend down and move around the playing area. In general, discomfort +999.999

Thanks for getting back to us! At this point, we'd like you to gather logs following THESE instructions, then attach the resulting file to a ticket HERE to our email and chat teams. This way, we can look deeper into this issue and get your headset working properly. Thanks!

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How to create ticket on Rift S? Only Quest, Go and CV1 Rift.