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Rift S "glitches" upon loading SteamVR

Level 2

Whenever I open SteamVR, the visual seems to glitch out like it is having trouble loading up. The same problem occurs during dungeons when playing Blade and Sorcery as well every now and then. When it loads into SteamVR, the picture seems to jump around, as if it is having trouble loading. I end up having to wait about 3 minutes before it can "catch" itself and I can play. Has anyone else had thins problem or is it an issue with the headset?


Level 15

Maybe make sure to set your SteamVR visuals manually (not auto) to 100% and disable advanced super sample filtering.  Also make sure to enable oculus as the default OpenXR runtime on your Oculus desktop app settings/general tab.  Also opt into the SteamVR beta since this usually has the best fixes for both my Q2 and Rift cv1 (right click on SteamVR on your Steam Library pc desktop, properties/beta).  You may also want to try to Verify your SteamVR installation (right click, properties/local files, verify).


Of course you should also make sure your win10 updates and graphic drivers are up to date.  Otherwise, contact Oculus and maybe also Steam Support.

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