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Rift S vs Meta Libraries

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As a new user about a week in. I just found out some very misleading news. The Meta Quest Link PC Application is a "Different" platform than the Meta Quest store itself.  With the name Like META Quest Link PC Application, I thought this was a Meta Quest 3 feature. You could install games on your PC to save space and use the PC power to play them. Win/Win, that sounds great! 

Ture if you purchase Cross platform games: Browse Oculus Cross-Buy Apps VR Games on Meta Quest | Meta Store Beat Saber wasn't one of these games. 

I find it very misleading that they direct players to a third-party platform callled Meta Quest Link and do not make it very clear this is a different platform not shared with the store.  None of my Quest+ games show up on Meta Quest Link other than Asgard's Wrath, while Asgard's Wrath 2 shows up on the Meta Store on the device itself which takes up like 30GB. 

This experience leaves me feeling like I have to pick sides and clearly Rift is the side to pick Steam has WAY more games. I also now have to be very aware of what games I want on the device for travel, what games support cross play so I can play them at home from my PC vs travel with. It's just overly complicated. 

Thank you. 




Hi @SeeonX 🙂

the pc link app is not a"third party platform".

It's the app from Meta that gives you the option to play pcvr games with your standalone headset.
Games for pc and game for Quest standalone have different systems.
Windows based for pc - android for Quest.

Some games, such as Asgard's Wrath 2 are only made for the Quest system, that's why you don't find it in the Meta pc store.

It's not possible to play games developed for Quest to play with pc......BUT thanks to the pclink app, you are able to play any pc game with your standalone headset.

The Meta Quest + subscription is only for the standalone versions(Quest) of the game, that's the reason why you can't find these games in your pc library, even though it's a cross-buy game.

I think, instead of having a store for pcvr and a store for standalone games, it might be better and easier only having one store but labeling the games as standalone, pcvr or cross-buy.
It would be maybe less complicated, especially for new users🙂

Hey there, @SeeonX! We appreciate your feedback and invite you and @Choleni to share your ideas on changes you'd like to see that will make your game purchase experience as seamless as possible! Our ideas forum can be found here. Also, our article here provides some important details about how the Meta Quest Link works that you might find useful. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to give us a shout! Also, thanks, @Choleni for providing that insight to a fellow user; it's always appreciated! 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi again, @SeeonX! We were just reaching out to you to see if you still needed any help; if so, please let us know!

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