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Rift exe file not working properly with Quest 2

Level 2


I have a program that was created for the Rift that I am trying to use with the Quest 2.  This is an educational program that I want to test.  I can find it through the virtual desktop while linked to my laptop.  When I start the program exe, it flashes, then it goes back to the Oculus link virtual environment.  My laptop shows the program running and I can see it on the screen, but not through the Quest 2.  I do get the sounds coming through the headset.  Other programs work ok.

Is this an issue with trying to use a program developed for the Rift, or am I dealing with a setting / upload issue?  Do I need to ask the developer to export from Unity for Quest 2?

Thank you.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello there, @GH001! We see that you are having trouble implementing a Rift feature on the Quest 2. We understand how much of an inconvenience this can be when testing new features, and we'd be happy to direct you to the proper channels for better assistance!


Please reach out to us via our Developer Forums Page. Once there, our developer teams will have more tools available to view your suggestions and answer any questions that you have!