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Right controller not working

Honored Guest

I’ve tried factory resetting the headset and my controller still doesn’t work. It connects and I can use the meta button but nothing else works. I can’t factory reset the controller either. It happened when I switched out the batteries for the first time. Haven’t dropped it or damaged it at all.




Can you see 3 purple lights on the controller in passthrough mode? I have a similar issue and there are 3 infrared lights that can only be seen in passthrough mode and the controller does not track but the buttons work. If I find a solution I will get back to you and I would appreciate it if you did likewise.

Best of luck.

Yup same exact thing is happening. It won’t factory reset or anything. 

Is there any improvement? Mine still hasn't gotten better I was wondering if yours did.

Hey there, @snarls and @Halid42. Thanks for bringing your controller concerns to our attention. We definitely don't want this issue to continue to effect your gaming experience, so we'd love to get to the bottom of this! With both of you already troubleshooting this concern from different angles, we do want to make sure the following have been attempted:

  • Remove any third-party accessories from the controllers 
  •  Remove the controller battery for 30 minutes 
  • Wipe the controller and battery bays with a dry microfiber cloth 
  • Unpair and re-pair the controllers

Once making sure everything has been checked off, please do let us know how your controllers appear! If any issues remain, do send us a PM! We'd love to gather more details regarding your device.

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Hey there, @snarls and @Halid42! We're reaching back out to check in on those controller input issues you folks were reporting earlier. If you still need any assistance, please let us know and be sure to share your results from those recommended troubleshooting steps in our last post for reference. We're eager to hear from you! 

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!
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