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Right controller temporarily losing tracking

Level 2

So my son has had a quest 2 for a number of Months now, but suddenly the right controller will temporarily lose tracking (lose the pointer, until it comes back and vibrates)


Controller states battery level is 80 percent. I have unpaired and repaired, buying a better quality set of batteries seeelmed to solve it for a few days, but now it's happening again. 


Left controller has less battery level, same brand and doesn't lose tracking. 


Anyone have this issue, do I need to buy a new controller? Is this common?


Note : I don't get a tracking error message it literally turns if for a split second then comes back again.




Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Controller issues are the worst! You've already tried some of the go-to troubleshooting steps without luck, but I can help give you a few more to check. 😊


When you replace the batteries, try leaving them out of the controller for around 30 minutes. That'll let the controller drain of all the remaining power, and basically reset.


Also, check the lighting in your play area. There needs to be bright, even light for tracking to work 100%. So if it's too dark, too bright, or really uneven lighting it can cause some tracking hiccups. So for example, if there's a big window with sunlight, if the lights are off, or even little LED lights around, it can cause tracking to get a little wonky.


If you tried the battery stuff, and your lighting seems fine, the next best step for you is going to be to open up a support ticket here, so the experts can help you out. And just like you did here, make sure to say what steps you've already tried so they don't have you repeat what hasn't worked!

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