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Right controller

Level 2

Just had my new quest its my first Vr headset but i am having issues with the right controller. just gone through setup and had to use the left one for everything is this normal. i can see the beam coming from the right and it moves around but when i press the front trigger nothing happens, with the left it makes a beep and goes blue.

update just tried 1st steps and right front trigger not working 😕

anything i can try or get replacement


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi-Ya! Oh darn, controller issues are for sure a bummer! We do not want this to take away from your time in VR, lets work together and get your controller problems sorted out. Go ahead and remove the battery from the controller for at least 30 seconds. You can also try, wiping down the controller with a dry microfiber cloth.

Please let us know if this made any difference so we can provide you with more information or options! We will be staying aware on your update!