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Right stick drift

Level 2

I now have a drift on my right controller, which is so bad the controller is mostly unusable.

I tried everything I could find in this forum: clean by air, remove battery, unpair/pair, etc. The only thing I'm not willing to try is to physicaly open the controller as I am not comfortable doing it.

I tried to contact the support center, but I always get this message which prevents me to continue.


@MetaQuestSupport can you please contact me in private so we can find a solution?


Opening the controller to replace the joystick module is the fix you need, but if the controller is under warranty you should get it replaced. The only other route open to you is buying a second-hand controller, at great expense and unknown provenance.

My controller is still under warranty (3 month old) that is the main reason I don't want to disassemble my controller myself.