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Rock Band VR - Song pauses at the beginning

Honored Guest
I was curious if anyone's seen this come up.  For a while after I learned iCUE was a problem, I had been enjoying RBVR until songs started to pause for a good 5-20 songs shortly after they started.  It wasn't a huge issue in the new game mode (though a bit off-putting), but classic mode is now unplayable - since if you don't hit any notes especially on expert for more than 5 seconds, that's often an auto-fail.  When it happens, I see the little Oculus spinning hourglass until it catches up, though the song background continues until the game feels like it's ready.  I initially thought it was my previous computer (Intel i7 2600, Geforce 970, 16 GBs RAM) but I recently upgraded to a newer tower due to performance issues in other VR and video game titles (Now an i7-9700, Geforce 2070, 16 GBs of RAM).  Not sure if it's related to the cloud save, or if I could clear my save - I'd be willing to test that.  Otherwise, any comments and suggestions are welcome - it's a fun experience, but a bit unsettling when the game freezes while the song begins in the background...