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Rubbish user experience.

Level 2

I’ve used Facebook for ages, went for a punt on Quest. The most infuriating experience ever. I’m stuck in a loop trying to log in on the headset, and I’ve reset Facebook password number it’s times, received authentication text messages on my phone while wearing the headset, then it wants a code from code generator.


I tried, but Facebook can only harvest data and sell advertising. You clearly can’t create a simple and slick user authentication experience. I’ve given up, the headset will go to a recycling centre as it’s barely worth the plastic it’s made from.




Level 3

Just reset it and don't use Facebook...why use FB anyway? This time set it up via an email account only. works fine in my case, just got mine about a week ago and I have had no issues.

Retired Support

Hey there @ZombieBoyIB. Based on the what you've described, it sounds like you created a duplicate account by accident during one of your login attempts. Don't feel bad, several people reported this happening and they also came out with a fix for it.  

As @cleverestx mentions, you don't need a Facebook account anymore to use your headset. If you'd like, you can talk to support about unlinking your Facebook account if you so desire.

I hope you give VR a second chance! It's only going to get better with time. 🙂

Have you tried turning it off and on again?