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RunCheck 'If on Windows 7, must have hotfixes KB2670838 and KB3033929 installed.' failed.

Level 3
I cannot install from the OculusSetup.exe because of the error "RunCheck 'If on Windows 7, must have hotfixes KB2670838 and KB3033929 installed.' failed".  

I cannot install either of these hotfixes:
Security Update for Windows (KB3033929) is already installed on this computer.
Update for Windows (KB2670838) is already installed on this computer.

What now?

Level 4
Just update to Windows 10 and get a 10%fps boost 😉
Si vis pacem para bellum

Level 7
I have a similar issue, except that I am unable to install the second update. It is making me consider Windows 10.

Level 3
I wrote a load of rubbish here before, and was rude... So I came back to replace it with a more pleasant sort of nonsense.

OT in bold. All else is storytelling.

I was in a foul mood because nothing seemed to work that day. (Including the fact that I have the same problem as the OP), so I was as rude as possible to the person who suggested upgrading to Windows 10.

And as always, because I lost my temper I became an idiot. Adrenalin's bad for the brain. And what I wrote made me sound like an idiot. Because I was one.

Windows 10 and 7 are both working well for me, now that I performed an in-place repair install thingamejig. (The thing that warns you it might wipe lots of things, but then doesn't in practice -- or it didn't for me. Then again, I have my separate data disk, and everything's neatly set up to start with.)

Unfortunately the Windows 7 repair means going through the upgrade process again, which takes a lot of black magic, cursing of inanimate things, and extra abuse of any vices such as smoking, tea, coffee, beer etc.

If you're prepared for that, it might be the way forward. I'll be back with feedback on how it went for me, with regards to fixing the problem. So far, I know it's a big investment of effort.

I have already been through a couple of long cycles of "configuring; failed; reverting", which are on the order of 7 or 9 hours. It's going to be a fun few days. However, no one update has been a showstopper so far. I'm now switching from the strategy of a few updates at a time, to all the default ones at once, in the hope of more efficient "configuring; failed; reverting" cycles. Fun; fun, fun. Fun.

It's booted to the desktop at the moment, and not doing its reverting thing. I'm happy. And I just got my RAID working in Windows 10, so I'm even happier.

I ate Linux for hard disk space today, today. I'm ambivalent about that, because Linux is so trivially easy to install in an up-to-date form and keep up-to-date. And when it takes ages to do things, it gives you something to read.

There is a blue light, on my Rift. I can see a desktop.

I can make crude stereoscopy happen with it.

It sits there, and taunts me, and motivates me to get things working nicely.

I'll be back.

Level 3

Just update to Windows 10 and get a 10%fps boost 😉

Well, that might be the way forward actually, for a lot of users. Now I've persisted with getting more of the things I need working, in Windows 10, I like it a lot more...

But for me it's a case of, "I did that already and I still want Windows 7 working". 50% of users were still on it, at my last check. It'll be supported for what, another year? Then I will support it too.