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SOLUTION - Wrong Oculus Account Linked to Facebook Account

Waited a week for Oculus to fix my issue of wrong Oculus account tied to Facebook account. Library was empty. Found a solution on Reddit from iMason420.

Using a computer web-browser, Not The App, go to the Oculus website and login with the inncorrect account.

Make sure this is the Oculus account YOU DO NOT WANT, because you are going to delete that account:
Go to Profile, Privacy Center, Delete Your Oculus Data

You will be brought to the Facebook site to complete the deletion.

Now you can log in to the Oculus App with your good Oculus account and link it to Facebook. Note: I had to delete the Oculus App cache.

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Do Not Follow The Instructions In This Post.  This Will Not Solve Your Problem.  
This solution will get you locked out of Oculus completely with your Facebook login.  This is not going to fix anything.

The only way to resolve this issue is to contact Oculus Support.  You will get the best response from in the lower right hand corner with the CHAT option.  There you get to speak with an actual support person and not an automated bot that will do nothing but send them a 48 hour email.  I did get a response to one email; however, the information in it was inaccurate.  The problem had not been resolved.  I have, however, gotten pretty much immediate responses to my CHAT requests.  They actually do fix problems.  

Whether or not this problem can actually be fixed I must wait 3 to 5 business days to find out.  Even the Support folks don't know.  They had to forward the request to another department.  The important thing is that if you haven't had this happen to you then know that in order to merge accounts you must do so either through the phone app or the PC app.  You cannot merge accounts through

EDIT:  I have received an answer from Oculus Support instructing me to first create a password for the account linked to Facebook.  I have done so.  They said they can now delete the link between the wrong account linked to my Facebook account in order for me to use the app to merge my existing Oculus account with Facebook.  Only a special department at Oculus can delete the link to Facebook, and it takes 3 to 5 business days to complete.  I am waiting to hear back from that department that the link has been deleted.

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So evidently Oculus is lying when they advertise that you can use "all" your oculus apps by buying the cable to connect the Quest headset to a computer. They create two accounts for you when you follow their instructions in the setup and enter Facebook info.  They then won't allow you to combine the two accounts. 


koaakua said:

Not working for me - managed to delete the incorrect Oculus account from FB, and App is no longer insisting that Facebook was already linked to another account. 

But, now it just repeats the "merge warning" screen in the app whenever I click the "Continue with Facebook" button to merge with the correct account. Deleted cache, deleted Oculus app, reinstalled - no change.

Went to log in at Oculus with FB account and was told "Your Oculus account is currently scheduled for deletion. Please contact Oculus support." 

Tried to link accounts from Oculus desktop app, which opens a browser window and correctly identifies the two accounts I want to link, but it fails after I hit the confirm button and says " It looks like you're lost. Let's get you back home."

Any ideas?

Same issue here; I've put in a ticket including screenshots and the need (merge x oculus account with y facebook account) but nothing yet.

Super disappointing to have a bricked headset right off the bat. I only ran to best-buy to pick this up because I found the fix Tribb posted (as well as stalking iMason's original reddit chain), but it didn't work for me!

Edit: On the Oculus login page, if I click login as FaceBook it indicates my account is scheduled for deletion. Is this the reason I cannot use my headset, and if so, am I locked out for up to 30 days while my account deletion is reviewed?? If so this is completely unacceptable. 

I'm in the same boat!!!!

Never Used FB and my account I tried to create was Deactivated on creation!!!

30-days for a review?  I don't think so!  Oculus needs to take responsibility for this fiasco and get on this in a matter of days!

This is consumer fraud and needs to be reported to your local Congressman!

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Please delete or edit this 'solution'.  I can confirm it does not work, and is adding an extra step to resolving the problem as you have to contact support to cancel the account deletion. 

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Yeah, did this as it was the first thing google threw at me to get my facebook linked with my actual account, it works in the way that it unmerges your account but you have to contact oculus to properly unlink... which takes way too long.

Now I have to wait, would rather have just kept it linked to my other account and rebought everything needed instead of not being able to use my headset -.-

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did anyone figure this out? I have the original Oculus and I hadn't logged in a while when I did I am now too stuck in the loop but only on the mobile app. On the computer it logs me in to the app I do want, it's SO WEIRD. I've been back and forth with Oculus but they are getting nowhere because I keep getting new reps then they ask me the EXACT same question over and over. I am convinced everyone that works there is a BOT. I heard from them for the first time since last Saturday this morning but now they aren't getting back to me again. It's like they have a different schedule from the world and they work only on Saturday and Sunday and not during the week. I feel like it should be a simple process to unlink one account. I even sent pictures...Would be super cool if someone had a solution, since I have put a lot of money into this and it is a product I do love. Sometimes though i question if this is all worth it..hah

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Did someone eventually manage to link to FB after having deleted the empty other Oculus account? How long does it take? 14 days? 90 days? Oculus support are nice people but they probably know this recurring issue pretty well now.

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Waited a month, confirmed the 'wrong' account was gone and it still wouldn't let me link, but the I installed the 'facebook watch' app on the headset, that let me sign in to facebook via a browser login and the whole thing seems to be fine now - can see my friends, play multiplayers, sorted. I hope!.
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