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SOLUTION - Wrong Oculus Account Linked to Facebook Account

Level 4
Waited a week for Oculus to fix my issue of wrong Oculus account tied to Facebook account. Library was empty. Found a solution on Reddit from iMason420.

Using a computer web-browser, Not The App, go to the Oculus website and login with the inncorrect account.

Make sure this is the Oculus account YOU DO NOT WANT, because you are going to delete that account:
Go to Profile, Privacy Center, Delete Your Oculus Data

You will be brought to the Facebook site to complete the deletion.

Now you can log in to the Oculus App with your good Oculus account and link it to Facebook. Note: I had to delete the Oculus App cache.

Level 3

I bought a Quest 2 last night and made the dreaded mistake of making a new account. It wouldn't let me merge my existing Oculus account with Facebook. Then I came across this thread. I'm now also locked out of my Quest 2 stuck in the never ending loop. Headset is a bricked paperweight. I have 14 days to return it to Best Buy, which by the looks of this thread I probably will, since Oculus just expects customers to wait 5, 10, 15, who knows, 30 days? 60 days to use our $400 purchase.


Who would have thought that this whole Facebook requirement would be a disaster waiting to happen. Just make it easy to link and unlink accounts and you won't have these issues.

Level 2

So does that mean I'll lose all the games I bought