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Level 2

Just received my quest 2 yesterday, and I'm stuck on the pairing screen. The app shows that the Oculus and both controllers are connected, but in the Oculus, the middle dot is stuck and it cannot detect the tracking controllers. I've restarted it numerous times and nearly factory reset it ten times, but to no avail. Please help! 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, @aliasad890. We'd like to warmly welcome you to the Meta family!

We're saddened to hear you're having trouble setting it up your headset, but don't worry, we've got your back and will be happy to help. To help you get set up, please try these steps:


  1. Take the battery's out of your controllers for 10 min.
  2. Un-install and re-install your Oculus app
  3. Reboot your wi-fi router
  4. Re-pair your controllers
  5. Try setup again


If you're still having problems after trying those steps, please open a support ticket here so that we can look into it further.


We look forward to hearing from you and getting you into VR!

Its Not working still 3 blinking dots and no controllers detected now my right controller is not showing connected on the phone please help me 

Hello there, @aliasad890. Thank you for responding so quickly and informing us that it did not work.


No worries, here are some additional steps you can try:


  1. Check and make sure your Bluetooth is enabled
  2. Restart your headset
  3. re-pair your controllers again


Please let us know if the suggestions above are helpful.


 If you are still having problems after attempting the above steps, please open a support ticket here so that we can get you all set up.


We are excited to hear from you and get you started in VR!