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Looked at a bunch of other posts and cant solve this issue. My headset was working fine until today where i was forced to get a using a meta account. Since then all i get is a "Facebook Session Expired" error. I've uninstalled Facebook and Oculus apps and reinstalled, no change. I created a new FB account and Linked it but again when i open the Oculus Gear VR app i get that error, rebooted the device, no change, removed all FB accounts from my device (S9+) and added only the new account, no change. My old Oculus account doesn't work as i get a "No network Connection" error there. WTF is up with Meta forcing users into this crap that is rife with issues. And I cant raise a ticket because there is no support option for Gear VR. And I refuse to buy a $400 headset just on principle...My existing one worked just fine until today.

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Hi. I just got a Samsung Oculus VR headset to give it a try. It's been 2 days now that I can't go beyond login in. It requests that I log in with my fb accountwhen I do it says link your accounts then I enter my email and password thereafter I press Link and Continue but it doesn't go beyond this it's very very frustrating. Surely this process could be alot simpler. Am I impatient or should I already regret this purchase. I hope the solution is can be simple enough. 😠😠😠😡


What specific device are you trying to get started with?  Samsung Gear VR (or similar) and what phone??  I saw a note on Meta's site regarding support dropping from anything > Android 11.  Search for the below, 

Upcoming Changes for Samsung Gear VR

Do you have an oculus account to link it to?  I thought that they were deprecated some time back and only Meta accounts could be created at this time.  That could be an issue as well.  I have a couple of these units and they worked great, and eventually I used the lenses (very nice quality) to upgrade a Vive Pro's optics. 

Good luck!

Yes its a Samsung Vr and using a Samsung S9 mobile. It's just won't sync the Facebook and Oculus accounts even after multiple attempts. I have gone into the Oculus settings and added  the Facebook account. Pliz help me. My son is soo distraught and we both don't know what to do. I have again attached an image of were it's ending and not proceeding further. 



Is there any other way to use this Samsung Vr thing and remote with no Oculus account. Or should we throw it away

Hello i have de same insue cant login Samsung vr winth my Samsung s9

You are not helpful at all! You don't want to give support because we use Samsung gear VR, which worked just fine but now we can't log in with meta account, or Facebook! The problem is not Samsung, the problem is meta account! And your customer service just said we can't help you, you should contact Samsung support. So thanks for nothing!

Turn dev mode on in the gear vr app. For instructions and apps to get this crap working again.... go to

Read it all it's not long and its good read and youll be beatin to vr boobs in no time. Spread the word. You're all welcome! 

Absolutely frustrating, how else can one use this VR Headset thing then? 

Hi mine is doing the same. Can you dm me to help fix it. I've tried everything thank you

Unfortunately this problem is still not solved. Through a private message I got the following reply:

We are aware of login issues some Gear VR users are experiencing. We've flagged your account with the appropriate team, but right now, we're unable to provide a specific timeframe for the resolution of these issues.

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