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Looked at a bunch of other posts and cant solve this issue. My headset was working fine until today where i was forced to get a using a meta account. Since then all i get is a "Facebook Session Expired" error. I've uninstalled Facebook and Oculus apps and reinstalled, no change. I created a new FB account and Linked it but again when i open the Oculus Gear VR app i get that error, rebooted the device, no change, removed all FB accounts from my device (S9+) and added only the new account, no change. My old Oculus account doesn't work as i get a "No network Connection" error there. WTF is up with Meta forcing users into this crap that is rife with issues. And I cant raise a ticket because there is no support option for Gear VR. And I refuse to buy a $400 headset just on principle...My existing one worked just fine until today.

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It was working just fine for me as of a couple months ago. But now when I open the Virtual Desktop app on my GearVR, a message is shown that says "Failed Entitlement Check. You need to purchase the app in the oculus mobile store." after that the app then closes after a few seconds. 

I 100% have a purchased copy of the app on my account and I can even see in the purchase history.

Please advise on how to fix this issue.


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I have an older Gear VR, so it uses the old Oculus app. I tried to login with email and with meta account, but nothing works. Reinstalled both the Facebook and Oculus app several times and relogging into Facebook, but I still get these two errors:
With Facebook login: "Your Facebook session expired...."
With Oculus Account login: "Email and/or password is incorrect" (even after resetting the password and writing it in correctly)

Same here. No one is coming up with an answer

They finally answered me. The answer is worse than the whole company. They said that I should throw away my Gear VR and buy a Meta Quest. But I never going to support Meta, I will buy HTC Vive. 

We definitely understand how disappointing it can be to find that the Gear VR headset is no longer supported. We do our best to balance the innovation and support of new VR technology with accessibility. As a valued VR user, we greatly appreciate your feedback. If you have any specific suggestions, you are more than welcome to share them in our Community Forums. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding here. If there are any other questions or concerns that we can help with, please don't hesitate to ask. Take care.

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My only suggestion is that don't destroy older stuff. I get that new technology is better, and there is no power to update every older device, but you should keep it as it was before. 

Thank you for that feedback. It's not an unreasonable request. To go a bit further into this, ultimately it's not destroying older things. It's more so just that the older things are being left behind. As newer changes and updates come to the supported platforms (the VR store, Quest Mobile app etc) the no longer supported products are not being updated to accommodate these changes because there support life cycle and updates have come to and end. A natural byproduct of this happening is that eventually the older products no longer being updated become incompatible with the platforms as many changes being made to optimize and support the current platforms conflict with how older programs work. We hope this clears some questions up. We're happy to answer anything else.

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Just let us make new accounts 

You could let us keep our old account except doing this **bleep**

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Oculus error "Unsupported post report" when I log out of my account and don't log in again. Help me log in to Experience VR, please. Regards and thanks again.

Email login: [redacted]

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