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Screen tearing and Artifacts


Hello, I am using official link cable for PCVR.

My specs are as follows:


Ryzen7 3700x

32gb DDR4@3600mhz

RTX 2070


Issue: When playing and moving my head around, I can see artifacting and 'broken' flickering image, which could be described as screen tearing, except its not horizontal as on standard screens, it feels like sometimes the quest doesnt manage to draw the whole scene again and occasionally draws bits of previous frame instead of the new one.


AWS is disabled in Debug Tool


Tested with different bandwiths - from 150 all the way to forced to 960. I found best performance at about 500, but it was still present, albeit not as much.


This is most visible when enabling 120hz, even tho the game is locked on 120fps.


I have noticed that this is happening more often when there is an FPS drop, so lets say, I am playing locked in 90pfs on 90hz, and I get into an area that needs a little more performance, if my fps drop slightly, this will happen significantly more - it is however still happening even when locked on 90fps in areas that are not as demanding, just not as often.


I have tested with another cable also - same results, so my official Link cable is not faulty.


I have also tried to go down with resolution, so instead of runnign 1.7x at 90hz, I tried going down to 1.0 at 90hz - it was happening less, but still happening


I have tried changing encode resolution width - that did not seem to help and introduced white bar mentioned in another part of the forum.


I try to force ASW to be disabled for most part

I also have link sharpening enabled

Mobile ASW is enabled for framerate insurance - I might actually try disabling this one!


Anyone got any ideas what could be causing this? It is survivable occasionally, but for most part very annoying and ruins the whole point of VR - immersion!





Ok this is now resolved - disabling Mobile ASW did remove all artifacts!

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