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Second device and still having problems

Level 2

I had to send in my first device and exchange it with the seller and recieved a new one instantly, it was direct from the major chain store. The problem was a blue dot kept coming on during the startup screen, now on the new device after a week of use, has dots again. It happens on pass-through and only showed up after 3 days of use. Now the sound is also cracking up like with the first device too, and now my non-dominate left controller is acting up. It had completely drained a brand new battery instantly and took 20% off the next one before working. I am not sure what to do here. I have already sent in for a replacement already and just keep coming up with issues on use, some repeated. Is there something to do to fix it? I want to restart it but my cloud service never uploads and never downloads and I lose all my game progresses. Is it normal for sound to Crack up at 50%? I have tried multiple sources and it still will randomly act up and crack with no reasons for repeating. What should I do about the controller? I had tried to change batteries and nothing different. There is also tracking issues sometime and I had tried to change the lighting but still seems to be an issue. Are the dots normal? Would running like a screen refresh on YouTube help or something?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @px1375! We couldn't help but notice that you are experiencing some issues with your replacement device. This is not the experience we want you to have with us and we would be more than happy in providing some help! We would like to get you over to our dedicated Support Team so that we can do some more extensive troubleshooting with you. Please click here to connect to a specialist so that we may further assist you!