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Security Question and another Problem

Level 2



I am living in germany and I bought an Oculus Quest 2.

It turned out that the product was already used and was once bought and used in Italy.

Nevertheless meanwhile it is allowed to buy the Quest in other countries and use it in germany and the condition of the gadget was very good.


First I tried to reset the Quest so that the Admin Account of the italien User on that gadget would be deletet.

To do that the webpage told me that I have to install the App on my smartphone and activate the reset there but

when I tried to connect the Quest with my phone by bluetooth I got a security number to activiate with 6 clusters (maybe for italy) but on my phone there were only 5 clusters.

Is there a way to do it on my PC via link cable?

I already had an oculus rift account and registered there for the Quest 2.


I wouldn´t mind to not reset my Quest if somebody could tell me that there are no security dangers/problems that the old admin account is still on my Quest 2.


Greetings from Berlin



Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

@Burst77 Heyo, and welcome to the Quest-munity! 


In order to remove that older account from the headset, you don't necessarily need the app. It can be done by just using the buttons on the headset!

In order to best do so, please feel free to try the following:


  1. Factory reset the headset:
    • Turn off the headset.
    • Hold the Power and Volume Down (-) buttons together until the menu loads up.
    • Use the Volume Buttons to highlight Factory Reset and press the Power Button
    • Use the Volume Buttons to highlight Yes and press the Power Button


Factory resetting the headset will cause the content and other information stored in the headset to be deleted. The headset will be brought back to factory condition, like new!


After doing so, you should be able to then download the app and pair your account to the headset. 


In regards to connecting the headset via Link cable to PC:


You'll want to make sure your PC fits the VR Link requirements in order to pair that up, but yes you can definitely use that! 


Hope this information helps out and let me know if everything seems to work! 


die besten wünsche an dich - I hope this is right 😅



Edit - In regards to account security and not resetting the headset. Since your account is currently not the admin account on the headset, you won't be able to pair your account to the app. The best way to add yours as admin is to do that factory reset and login with your account. 


thank you so much!

Never thought that the solution would be so easy. After I reseted the Quest it easily connected with my smartphone. Sadly Beatsaber 2 seams to be boundet on an account and not on the gear but now I feel a lot saver with this awsome gear.

I already bought some games for the rift. I know that the Quest 2 is a totally different gear but it is a little bit annoying that I have to start my old games with the Rift link or buy it again for the Quest2. It doesn´t feel right to buy the same price again to play it straight on the Quest 2. It´s the same greedy theme with PS4 to PS5 games.



vielen Dank und Grüße aus Berlin!


Thanks for reaching back out with that update! We're very happy to hear you're able to use and enjoy it. We do understand how it may feel having to repurchase any apps for your new device. We do encourage developers but don't require them to implement cross buying. 


On a good note, we see that your app "Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR" can also be played on your new device. Maybe you can try that out and let us know how it goes.


All the best and game on!