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Setting up a 2nd account and 2nd headset

Honored Guest

Probably been answered somewhere, but trying to find it isn't working. Appreciate any help you can provide.

Purchased a 2nd headset with the goal of having it be a guest account. Somebody puts it on, they can play the games I've purchased. They're also their own avatar (so 2nd account), so they can call me and join multiplayer games with me.

I know this can be done, only I'm not doing it correctly.

I don't quite recall the order of my failed attempts, but this is where it stands:
My first headset has two accounts on it now, the original as an admin, and a second. I have no idea how to switch between them, not that I'm trying to. Sort of a bonus question.

My second headset, however, is just a copy of the admin. The 2nd headset is me all over again. I've got the app logged in to the second account, but the attempts to pair it with the headset haven't worked, as the five-digit code never appears in the headset screen. That's the trying-to-add-device attempt.

My other attempt, "Add Account," took me to a screen asking for a work e-mail - why "work"? - and that didn't work either.

So how does one do this? Thanks!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @petepeeves! Hey there! We are so happy to hear you've purchased a second headset to share all the fun experiences in the VR world with your guest! We understand how experiencing issues setting up accounts can cause a delay. No worries, we are here to assist you so you can dive straight into the fun games and apps! First, we would like to advise you that app sharing is only available on one device. For more information, check out this link. Although you are not able to share apps from device to device, you can add additional accounts to one headset, and grant your guest access to play games on your device under a guest account while protecting your personal account information. Check out these articles on how to app share and having multiple accounts on one device. As for the second headset, you will need to create a separate admin account. We hope this information helps. If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to reach back out! 

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Honored Guest

Thank you. I was able to make it work.

Hi @petepeeves! We are so happy we were able to help you resolve this issue. If you need any assistance in the future, please don't hesitate to reach back out!

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