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Setting up wirelessly to pc. Quest 2 controllers not pairing.

Level 2

Hi I am trying to get my controllers paired to my pc wirelessly. When I go to devices and select each controller it is saying the controllers are off? When I select pair device it is trying to connect my Xbox controllers?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there billie2508b. Thanks for reaching out to us! We'd love to help. We understand how frustrating it must have been getting your controllers to pair. No worries, could you provide me with a few details to narrow down the issue?

- What trouble shooting steps have you taken?

- Are you able to pair it to your PC?

- Have you tried unpairing them from your device then re-pairing?

Once you have provided me with those details we can go ahead and look further into this. if you have any questions or concerns, reach back out at anytime. We'll be happy to help you!