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Setup Issue

I set up my sensors exactly to the recommended 360 degree, 3 sensor setup dimensions.  I originally had closer to a 8x15 area, but had a lot of tracking issues.  I set up an 8x8 area even though this means my corner style desk isn't in the playspace.  That makes playing Elite Dangerous with my HMD impossible.  
I moved the front sensor back about 2 feet and to include my desk area, but the tracking seemed to get a little worse.  I don't know if it was related.  I'm without 4 ft of another sensor, pointing right at it, but my hand doesn't sit still.  It may be a software issue and because I moved the sensor, it's being handed off more often.  
I figured I'd switch back to the 8x8 and life with that for the time being.  Now I can't get past the setup screen.  
I'm at the step where it says to hold the controller at eye level and hold the trigger.  One or more of the sensors can't see the controller.  
I've replaced the battery.
I've moved around the room.
I've rebooted, restarted the Oculus Service and Oculus Home.
I've unplugged and plugged in the sensors.
There are no warnings on any of the sensors.

I haven't had any luck getting Oculus support to reply or help with any issues, but I included the logs anyway.  
I went from having occasional tracking issues to not even being able to set this thing up.  At Christmas I had to tell family that my Oculus didn't really work well enough to show off.  I've got gamer and engineer friends coming over this weekend.  They're going to notice I have an Oculus.  I thought I had finally found a setup that kind of worked, but now it's unusable.  

Heroic Explorer
Oh boy.  Okay.  You could try reinstalling Oculus.  You could also kind of duck down and hold the controller where your eye would be and hold the trigger.  So your hand would be there but you would be ducking, so all sensors could see the controller.

I took a break and when I came back I had a Windows update waiting for me.  I rebooted and noticed one of my sensors didn't reconnect.  The light was out and it didn't appear in the Device Settings.  I remembered somebody else on here saying their USB Power Management settings reverted when they got an update.  Power management for my Fresco Logic Root Hub was turned back on.  I turned it off and things seem to be working much better.  Now I'm just back to getting the small touch hiccups.  If I launch Quill and just turn and draw in a circle, you can see the little breaks in the line where you'd expect the controller to be transferred to another sensor.  
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