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Severe Lag in Gym Class

Level 2

Since the last update I’ve been having issues with lagging in a lot of my games. The one I notice the most that’s causing me to not be able to play is Gym Class. I’ve tried multiple things to try to fix it and nothing is working.

It’s super frustrating to pay all this money to have these issues that cause me to not be able to even play. Does anyone have any advice?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Gribbler14! We understand that your having gameplay issues, mostly with Gym Class since you updated the device. We want to look into this further and we do appreciate you providing us with that bit of information.

In order to move forward we are going to need a little bit more detail so we can get a better understanding of what is going on. If you could please provide the following information so we can know which steps to take next:

  • What troubleshooting steps have you tried so far?
  • Are you getting any error messages?
  • Has there been any new devices added to your Wi-Fi?(Even a phone connecting via bluetooth to another device could cause lagging issues.)
  • Does the lagging happen every time you open a game?
  • Are you in the same room with the router?
  • Have you tried different rooms?