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Shadow hand on right controller keeps rapidly pressing the A and B buttons on its own

Level 2

Had headset for about a year now. Working fine until this Friday or Saturday and then the right controller started to press the A and B buttons on its own. You can actually see the shadow hand for the right controller rapidly moving back and forth between the two buttons and you can hear the boop sound as it quickly clicks the buttons.


Happens at the main console as well as when I’m playing games. Have rebooted, unpaired and paired again but no change. 


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hi hi! It sounds like your controller is haunted by a ghost that just loves gaming. (Kidding of course!)


There's one more troubleshooting step I'd suggest here. Remove the battery from the controller for at least 10 minutes, then replace with a new battery. That will allow the controller to drain of any remaining power, and essentially factory reset the controller. 


If your button-pressing ghost friend is still there after that, your best bet is going to be to submit a support ticket. They'll be able to look into what they can do to get you back gaming (such as possible replacements). Just make sure you let them know what troubleshooting you've already tried like you did here so you don't have to repeat anything that hasn't worked.

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Thanks for the suggestion but issue still occurs. Off to create a support ticket - thanks for that link also!

Of course! Always happy to do what I can to help, even if it ends up just being a link to Support. 😁

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