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Sign in on Q2 with oculus AC?

Level 3

I had a quest 1 with an oculus account attached. I've never had a FB account. If i buy a quest 2, can i sign in/set up with my old oculus account without a FB account?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello there! Great question! At the current moment, a Facebook account linked to your Oculus account is required in order to get functionality out of the Quest 2. Previous generations such as the Quest 1, Rift, and Rift S are going to be able to use an Oculus account without a Facebook account until January of 2023. Not having a Facebook account linked to your Oculus account will prevent you from accessing updated features as well as social content. Follow the link here: to find out more about Facebook account requirements and other Facebook/Oculus account information. We hope this helps, best wishes! 

Thanks for the reply. It's a shame as i sold my quest 1 to perhaps upgrade to a quest 2. However, having to create a facebook account to play games with some friends doesn't entice me to buy a quest 2.

Thanks for your time.