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Sky Worlds

Level 2



I have just got an Occulas 2. 

I have downloaded the Worlds app, and when I click on it the Sky log in screen comes up, however it is completely greyed out.


I can't log in. I can click on any of the buttons. Everything is grey and can't be clicked on. The machine doesn't crash, as the pointers still move, however the only

way to seem to come off the app is by restarting the console.


Any ideas? It was one of the main reasons I bought it 


I’ve done the usual uninstall reinstall, turn off and on, etc


Community Manager
Community Manager

Greetings DeeeeeJ1, please let us assist you with this. We'd recommend that you check out the developer page HERE. There you may find more information on the issue at hand, and get a better understanding on how to solve the matter. We do hope this information helps, we're always here to lend a helping hand.