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Slow download + buying problem

Honored Guest

Hello I have 2 problems:

Downloading anything from Oculus is incredibly slow, like bytes or kilobytes/seconds! Some times it goes up to 1 or 2 megabytes/seconds then drop for several minutes...

I uninstalled the Oculus PC application to reinstall it -> worst idea ever, it took me 1h30 to download the 2gb of data. Then same problem for games.

- Installing from my phone through the app to the quest 3: no problem.

- Multiples speed tests: fine

- Downlading test files: also fine (10mb/s) 

-> it's not my internet, or my disk.


Also it could be linked, I cannot buy anything from the shop using the desktop app, or the web page, it goes through every step, asking bank validation, which is not displaying correctly: "content is blocked" (no adblocker, and different browsers or different cards, are not solving the issue).  Payment through the android app works like a charm, but led me buying games to the wrong store (Quest instead of Rift..).





Hello @Elliades

Unfortunately I don't have a solution for download speed.

But about buying Rift games when the PC store isn't working.
You can also purchase PC games via the mobile app.

When you're in the store on the mobile app, it says "Quest" in the top left corner.

Tap on it and you can change the store to “Rift” store.🙂


There is already an open ticket for that. Meta support seems unwilling to help, ignoring the fact that the problem is on their side.


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Having the same issue with incredibly slow download speed. The issue is not on my side since steam etc works just fine and my internet speeds are the same they always are. I think the download servers are dying.

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Quest 3 - air link.

I came here asking the same question. At the moment mine is downloading slower than the speed of dark! i have a 1gb connection and in tests avg 890mbs 100mbs upload. Its been a while and just noticed I can download my games ive brought on quest to the pc saving me space on the quest 3. So far its taken me 35 mins to download 3gig of data.