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So many technical problems

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I can list a plethora of issues and problems and I can go into details with every single one of them. Please bear with me.

Ever since I received the item on day 1 until now, all I have done is troubleshooting, troubleshooting and troubleshooting. Maybe about 50% troubleshooting, 20% working properly, until it doesn’t. Then the other 30% more troubleshooting. I have watched every single tutorial and settings on YouTube, Reddit, Discord, forums and searched in every crevice of the internet for answers but it was useless. I really wanted this to work but I finally came to my senses. No human alive should have to endure the pain and suffering this has caused me, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemies. Anyways, enough rant, here are the problems.

1. Random black screens and restarts. Yep, just a black screen, then it freezes so randomly then resets and takes me back to main menu.

2. Keeps teleporting me to random places every few seconds, causing me severe motion sickness.

3. Airlink is unplayable. I have great internet and a WIFI 6 router, and it works for a few seconds until an earthquake happens every few mins, like seriously it just shakes violently like I got into a car crash. Very nauseating. Happens very consistently.

4. Battery. Advertised to run more than an hour per full charge. It takes about 40 mins to get fully drained while playing Beat Saber on full charge.

5. Controllers terrible tracking. Seriously, my blind grandma can track better. My main game is Beat Saber and the sabers are blatantly missing on random notes that are 100% hit. Especially on Expert+ difficulty, it is literally unplayable.

6. Link Cable gameplay is somewhat worse than wireless. I thought wiring my headset would give better performance. I have used multiple cables and tried different ports. It doesn’t matter what I do. It is constantly lagging and stuttering.

I can confirm this is not a PC issue because I have turned down all graphics to potato settings and I’m playing games that literally looks like minecraft, while I have an RTX 4090 and an i9-13900k. I have also tried it on a completely different PC and the problem still persists.

I have not used this device a single time where it worked smoothly, every session, a new problem arises. I’m sure Quest 3 isn’t advertised to work like this, pretty sure I just got unlucky with a bad unit. For now I’m going back to my Quest 2.


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