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Sorry we couldn't add your payment method

Level 2

Yes I've contacted everyone checked everything, and no my debit card doesn't want to add! It's a master card so it's supposed to work, I don't know what's happening and it seems the only way to get a response is here and trough a response, please help!



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Frisher!


Sounds like you've tried a couple of things for this pesky payment method issue, we know how upsetting that is, we'll have this solved for you as quickly as we can. 

All regions must follow the below rules:
• The card must be associated with a billing address
• The card must be able to have funds added/reloaded to it. E-cards and virtual Mastercards should work, but most Gift cards do not have this option
• There cannot be purchasing restrictions placed on the card
• The network cannot have any purchase restrictions to prevent online payments
• Postal codes that do not follow the correct format will result in “invalid postal code”

Please attempt the following:
• Confirm you've recently made a successful online purchase from a merchant
• Check to see if the financial institution placed any restrictions
• Try another network connection type
• Try another network location
• Restart the device
• Try another device
• Try another web browser


Let us know if this resolves that payment issue, we're here waiting for your reply!

I had the exact same issue and what eventually worked for me was to add the card using the mobile oculus app. When submitting the card details, instead of returning the error message you've mentioned, it opened a browser asking for two factor authentication. Once I verified the transaction, the card was added.

On all subsequent transactions using the headset, I'm asked to verify the transaction either using the mobile app or the headset browser and whichever method I choose works just fine.

Hope this helps.