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Steam Link not working with Quest 3


Update 2024: It has been fixed for me and steam link now works even with older AMD drivers. It work very well even, I prefer to use it over airlink or Virtual Desktop.


Steam link is not working for me. I have steam open, when I click "connect" on my headset steam link app I get "host not responding" error 200.

When I start SteamVR on my PC manually first, then click "connect" on my steam link app in the headset I get a window saying "Stream initializing", "Connecting to host PC is taking longer than usual..."

The app tells me the headset is paired, airlink is working fine.


Does anyone else have issues?



I figured it out and the reason was AMD drivers. Now I can't really use the new steam link with my AMD gpu, I either update to latest drivers and can use steam link but get artifacting in games or I rollback drivers and get no artifacting but steam link doesn't work.

Thanks for the info @Colt_Coffey 

I've avoided AMD for VR but I'd like to have the option to go the red route. Keep us updated if a new driver or Steam update solves the problem. What card do you have?

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I have a 6900 xt. The artifacting I get on newer drivers is very noticable as seen on this screenshot. So I rather use old drivers (1 year old) to get a clear picture than use Steam Link. Game is Ghosts of Tabor, had the same artifacting in Saints and Sinners.



I've a 7900 XTX - with the Oculus software running and a PCVR link cable there is the normal message that the PC doesn't meet minimum requirements...  Running steamVR & HL: Alyx (in particular) steam tells me I'm short on VRAM (really?) so my Q3 in PCVR through Oculus is not a lot of fun..

But... I've just downloaded steam link - hooked up without any issue and is running at 90 FPS (looking very good too) without any error messages.

I can see me enjoying my steam library quite a lot more now!

AMD are fine, at last, it is just Oculus software that is holding their products in bad repute, IMO.

PC info: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X - Sapphire 7900XTX - 32GB DDR4 4000 - 3 NVMe + 3SATA SSD - Quest 2 & 3

@RattyUK wrote:

AMD are fine, at last, it is just Oculus software that is holding their products in bad repute, IMO.

Although Valve themselves may not be as confident, the Steam Link requirements are listed as a Nvidia GPU.


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Oh well...  guess who didn't look at the specs and just jumped straight in?

Time will no doubt tell if my experience is just good luck!

PC info: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X - Sapphire 7900XTX - 32GB DDR4 4000 - 3 NVMe + 3SATA SSD - Quest 2 & 3

Honored Guest

got same problem here, but even airlink dosen't work (only have a black screen with the three dot)

the only way I can PCVR is thru Virtual Desktop. 
I was thinking its my AMD GPU, but on my iphone Steam link work well. 

Im trying to find an answer 


Curiously enough, I'm having similar woes on an Intel i9-13900K system with an NVIDIA RTX 3090 (64GB RAM, Win 11 Pro, all the latest updates).


Quest 3 - quest link OK, air link OK.

Came over from PCVR. Steam VR working before.

Steam link on Q3, took a few times, then finally got pairing code. Then when connecting I get 


Connection Failed. But on PC Steam VR has started.

Not using beta Steam VR, Nvidia 3060Ti. Not sure what to do next.


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