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Steam Link not working with Quest 3


Update 2024: It has been fixed for me and steam link now works even with older AMD drivers. It work very well even, I prefer to use it over airlink or Virtual Desktop.


Steam link is not working for me. I have steam open, when I click "connect" on my headset steam link app I get "host not responding" error 200.

When I start SteamVR on my PC manually first, then click "connect" on my steam link app in the headset I get a window saying "Stream initializing", "Connecting to host PC is taking longer than usual..."

The app tells me the headset is paired, airlink is working fine.


Does anyone else have issues?


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Hey @marolious! Pretty neat how fast PCVR is expanding for all the SteamVR + Quest players out there—now with the new addition of Steam Link! If you haven't already, there's actually a Steam Support page for Steam Link that might have the answers you're looking for—even covering connection issues like the one you're experiencing here!


Steam Support or another community expert might be better suited for helping out with this one, though, so we recommend checking out that Steam Link for Meta Quest support page here! Hopefully we helped out at least a little bit with pointing you in the right direction!

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Thanks I've seen this thread and the Steam Link for Meta Quest support page before. None of the steps fix the issue.



Also I can't post in Steam discussions because I haven't bought something there.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone, I just wanted to hop in here and hopefully point some people in the right direction. 

Seeing as the issue happens with Steam Link, I believe our community should be able to help find a potential workaround as our support team doesn't have the proper resources to assist with Steam. Along with that, I do recommend checking out the Steam Link support page. Their FAQ should help provide some troubleshooting and a link to Steam support as well.

Sometimes it's okay to be a little Bing Chilling


As power people have mentioned we've already used them steam link support page which has the same thing as you how to reinstall and things like that.

And steam support doesn't exist they just have a community which you are not allowed to post to unless you spend a certain amount this year. I personally not spent up to the limit and I do not have anything I want to buy there.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone! I have seen a few users having this problem. However, I wanted to confirm if this was Steam Link from our store? 

We are all mad here.


Yes your store

Umm gotcha I have seen a few users that have had this issue but, I have not heard if they are still having issue currently. But will check up on some to see if this might be something we need to look at!

We are all mad here.

I was having an issue a few weeks ago (Quest 3 to an Intel + nVidia PC), but it seems recent patches (perhaps on both sides) have fixed the issue for me. I've enjoyed a reliable experience since then.

A feature request for the team would be to allow unlocking the desktop via Steam Link (though that's more a Steam Link app request, not a Meta Quest one). The beauty and tragedy of this is that I now mostly use Virtual Desktop for one reason: to unlock my PC remotely so that I can use Steam Link without wandering across the house to my PC to directly log in. 😹

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