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Steam VR not loading when using Quest 2 Air Link

Level 2

I used Air Link to connect my Quest 2 to my PC. The oculus enviroment works fine. I payed Blade and Sorcery for a bit. But I can't seem to load the SteamVR enviroment. When i start the app it goes to that purple loading enviroment but never get's passed that. 


Level 2

I have this same issue. When I try to load Beat Saber directly from SteamVR it loads on the PC in the VR view, but my headset never syncs to share the display and SteamVR app is nowhere to be found in the QuestLink HUD

Heyo! PCVR issues can be quite discouraging, so let's see what we can get done! 


As far as SteamVR goes, if this is an issue using their software I do suggest reaching out to their support as they'd be best fit for that.


In regards to Air Link.


  • Does the issue happen with multiple apps, or just one?
  • Have you tried the Air Link troubleshooting here by chance?
  • Do you meet the Air Link best practices?


Looking forward to your update! 🙂