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Stick drift on Oculus Rift

I have an Oculus Rift (CV1) bought in 2017 and it's been great (other than an audio headset issue which was fixed promptly). One of the controllers has developed serious stick drift, which has got much worse over time to the point it's unusable now. Is there any known fix for this? I've tried replacing batteries to no avail, made sure the stick is clean. Is it dead, is there anywhere to get it fixed or replaced?

Thanks in advance

(apologies for using Rift S as a tag, but I couldn't find CV1 in the labels list)


I'm not aware of anywhere to get it fixed and your chances of finding a working replacement on ebay may be slim. If you are handy with screwdrivers it may be worth stripping it down and seeing if the joystick module is the same as the one in the Q1, Q2 and Rift-S. If it is, they are available on AliExpress for very little money and it would worth an attempt to fix it.

<Edited> Actually, there seem to be quite a few CV1 controllers on ebay and the prices aren't nearly as extortionate as those for Q1/Rift-S and Q2.

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Volunteer Moderator

Some people find spraying things like wd40 contact cleaner (not the same as normal wd40, contact cleaner is non conductive and is made for cleaning electrical things) in it can help.

Sadly stick drift is a natural result of how cheap joysticks are made. Sometimes it might be dust/dirt affecting the reading, but usually it's physical wear (every time you move the thumbstick, a metal wiper rubs on a contact track, and that has a limited life). Xbox, PS and especially the Switch all suffer from it.

(I only know of one gamepad that uses hall effect thumbsticks which should never have traditional stick drift)

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Hello @MurrayElliot.2023! We see you're having drift issues with your controller. We know your game time is very important and we're not happy if you're not happy. We'll be glad to assist you with that today!


If you haven't tried already, you can clean the controller using either a cloth or non-abrasive anti-bacterial wipes (do not use alcohol or an abrasive cleaning solution). Have you also tried removing the batteries for longer than 30 minutes and/or replacing them with new batteries? If so, and the issue still persists, please contact Meta Store Support and open a support ticket or a live chat for further assistance.