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Stream right eye instead of left eye [Quest Link]

Level 2
Hey folks. 

Since Im streaming my games with the quest link I wanted to ask, if its possible to stream the right eye instead of the left eye on the quest?
Whenever I play a game with quest link the windows pops up automatically ... streaming the left eye. 
Since I am aiming with my dominant right eye the "aiming" seems to be out of target for my viewers. 
Any way to change this, except aiming with the left eye?

Level 2
I'm also looking for the exact same thing. I'm playing a lot of shooter and just look like an hacker.. I mean, for the viewers, I simply look like a guys from the movies that shoot anywhere and headshot everybody... but in fact, in the other eye I'm currently aiming well 😄 .....

So is it possible to simple toggle right or left eye when casting. (I'm using the casting option for my stream)

now they've switched it I want to stream and record from left eye. please give us the option to choose