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Stuck at "New drivers are required for Oculus"

Level 5
When I start the Oculus app, I get this red bar at the top saying new drivers are required.
When I click it, installation starts, and I get a UAC prompt, an installation seems to start, and shortly after the app shuts down, but when it gets back, the red notice bar is still there.

I have already fully removed the Oculus drivers, deleted all Oculus folders (in both Program Files and AppData) and reinstalled them from scratch.
Strangely enough, as soon as installation finishes, it says there's an update it needs to download.
Isn't the installation supposed to install the latest already?

Any way.
Am I the only one getting this?
Any ideas how to fix it?
Thanks in advance.

Level 5
Additional info:

Repairing the drivers doesn't work either.
Upon finishing the repair you're back to the point where it says a new update is downloading, and when that installs you're back to "New drivers are required for Oculus".

Switching to the Public Test Channel doesn't help either.

If I enter the properties for the headset it says it's at firmware 2.0.0 and an update is required to 2.1.1 but there's no option to update.

If I try to turn on any of my controllers, the LED blinks twice and it shuts off.

If I remove the controllers and try to pair them again, it tells me there's a required update and I need to apply it first, and then I get stuck, unable to go back and I need to reinstall.

Needless to say, trying to start any VR app says the update is required first.
So yeah, I'm currently unable to use my headset. Not happy.

Level 5
In case it helps someone else, I was given the solution for this on Reddit.
To have the drivers actually install, you need to fully unplug the headset (both DisplayPort and HDMI).
Doing that, the drivers will actually install when you click the red banner.