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Stuck in pairing Headset Screen Quest 1

When I try to connect to my new Oculus Quest 1 to set it up I get past the code entering screen and correctly enter it from the Headset, but the app keeps endlessly pairing to the Headset (I've waited about 30 minutes).

I factory reset the Quest multiple times, uninstalled the app, cleared bluetooth cache, restarted my phone, used a different wifi network/mobile data, but still nothing works.


Level 2

Having the exact same problem.  Did a factory reset and now unable to connect or do anything with the headset. Spoke to customer service on chat and was basically told they are working on a fix and they can't do anything about it now.   We basically have expensive quest paperweights now!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! This is not the experience we want you to have at all. There's a few users that have been experiencing this same issue and we can assure you our high-tech team is working hard to get this solution out! We know the time this is taking off from being able to use your amazing VR device. 


You can stay informed and updated through our Forums! We also have a thread regarding this issue if you want to check it out here. We are working hard to get everyone back to the spectacular world of VR and get connected once again! 

When is this supposed fix? Its been almost 2 months now since this post. I am having the same issues, and at the moment I cant play any of the blackfriday games i purchased.