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Suggestions for facebook and whatsapp--

Level 2

Suggestions for Facebook and WhatsApp----

1. Downloading button

2. Notification on/off button

3. Ask me night mode on/off

4. Adult videos are not open for children

5. If possible, a new Facebook application lunch named Facebook Pro.

1. Why Downloading button is important?

It is very important to have a downloading button on Facebook. Like "Like-Button" and "Comment Box" there should also be a "Downloading Button". Today, from Facebook user study to business, news, movies, music, photos, and life events very much. All upload to Facebook For example: In Facebook, many types of groups are formed in the study, political, fun, news, tourism, travel, business. In which a lot (200+ photos are uploaded together.) Photos and videos are uploaded. If you want to download, then all the photos have to be opened one by one. And we are unable to download the videos. For which we have to download other applications. The same problem occurs for all users. Which is a long process? All kinds of videos and photos like music videos, funny videos, motivational videos, news videos, full movies, Facebook business-related videos, new songs, etc. are uploaded on Facebook. Which we are not able to download on the phone. Photos like newspapers, photos related to studies, new updates, etc. If users easily download any videos, photos on Facebook. So I say with full confidence that it will be very popular and beneficial for all users.

2. Why Notification on/off button is required? Notification is very important for a user. Notification of a post comes, again and again, causing the user's phone to hang. For example: Like a user comments in a photo or post. So the notification of the same post keeps on coming again and again. If there is a Notification on/off button in the top corner of every post, the user Can keep Because some user's phones are hung, it keeps all Facebook notifications off. And new updates remain undetected

. 3. Why Ask night mode on / off is necessary?

Today there is a Facebook user in the entire world, from children to the elderly who use Facebook quite regularly. Due to this there is a problem in their eyes too, especially the older user, out of which (according to me) 40% of the user is not aware. There is also night mode and day mode on Facebook. And (according to me) 20% of users forget to turn on night mode. If the Facebook jump reminds the user to turn on Night Mode (as soon as it is the night the option of night mode on the Facebook screen comes to jump). This will also be beneficial for all users.

4. Adult videos are not open for children.

A lot of videos and photos are uploaded to Facebook. Which contains sexual scenes. Which has a wrong effect on the children. If Facebook has such an option. In which the user selects videos and photos according to the jump in the news feed. It will happen that all parents can let their children use Facebook without any worry. And if a user (like we create an account on Facebook, then it is necessary to enter your name, email/phone number, and age) If you are under 19 years of age, no sexual videos and photos should be open. This may reduce rap in India. 5. If possible, a new Facebook application lunch named Facebook Pro.

With all the above suggestions Facebook creates a new app called Facebook Pro?

For WhatsApp suggestion: -

Whatsapp has new privacy settings. In which no unknown user can send us a message without our permission. And if we join a group, then our name comes in it. And hiding our number. Why is this important? In Whatsapp, a lot of people have formed many types of groups (study group, music group, business group, school group, etc.) in which we do not know some people. Due to this people harass each other by taking out numbers, especially girls. Thank you.