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Support slow and unaccommodating

Level 2

Hello, it's my first ever time using Meta and ordering VR. I ordered two Q2s for my grandparents as it was their wish for the holidays instead there were issues with the Q2s I received and I was supposed to get RMAs sent out to me. One got sent out and another one hasn't been sent out for almost 4 weeks now. I'm actually giving up on any hope of receiving the RMA and getting any help from support, cause the only thing I am receiving now is the one and the same message about them already dealing with the issue but it's the same old story over and over for the past 4 weeks. I'm actually considering opening up a dispute with PayPal, is it worth it? Or how should I go about with the issue? Support refused to give me a refund as well for the RMA but it hasn't even been shipped out or anything, they could just cancel it and refund me.


Level 2

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @someoneish. We know how disappointing it is not being able to provide the experience you'd want to your family, so we'd love to take a gander. After some research, we went ahead and noted your support ticket for your agent to reach back with a proper update as it seems it is in the hands of our specialist team currently.

It also appears they have sent something out recently. If you're not able to locate the email in your spam or junk (since it can be misrouted at times) feel free to PM us and let us know.

Sent something out as in a reply or the Q2 I'm missing?

Our apologies on the confusion, they sent out a reply currently.

I understand that the reply has been sent and I'm aware of the contents of the reply but I'd still like a timeline of some sort, otherwise, it's not telling me anything other than it's another delay.

As for a timeline, we don't actually have this information here through the forums. It does seem they're reaching the end of their investigation, however, and should have some word out relatively soon.

We do recommend continuing through the support ticket since it is currently in the hands of our team who is able to provide said information.