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Switch User dialogue popping up all the time


I have two quests and on the second one I have another account as a secondary account so that I can play some games with a friend if they use my other one. However every time the oculus wakes up it asks me if I want to switch accounts and it is very frustrating since I almost never do and I haven't been able to find anyway to stop this dialogue. Or am I just missing something?


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Thank you. I must say that this was one of the worst and most stupid replies I ever got from a support 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, Sisojo. We noticed you don't like the Switch User dialogue pop-up screen and understand how frustrating it can be when all you want to do is play the game. So, first, simply remove the secondary account from the other headset, and the Switch User dialogue should stop appearing. Then, when you and your friend are gaming again, just add the secondary account back to the other headset and game away.

Here is a link for removing the account from the headset, and you can add it back at any time.

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I guess I will have to, still it would be nice to have the option to switch this dialogue off. I can’t imagine any scenario where the user wants to switch user every time he puts the headset down so it is quite bad UX design

Telling the man to remove the other account is a hacky fix for the **bleep** "do you want to switch user?" pop-up dialog. Please remove that dialog - if I *want* to switch users, I can do that all on my own, you do not have to ask me every time I put on the headset.

This is like Windows would ask me to re-login each time I take the hand of my mouse! Please fix it!

Thank you. I must say that this was one of the worst and most stupid replies I ever got from a support 

Accidental double post 


I am currently developing a VR app, using the old Quest-1 as PC-VR headset (for that, it still serves really fine and just as good as the Quest-2).
However, as my son is now using this as "his" Quest, we added an account for him - which now forced me to click on that "no I do not want to switch" button like 125 times a day, until I finally gave up and deleted his account. Please, make this dialogue AT LEAST optional when in developer mode!

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Hi there, Interested to know if anyone did find the solution for removing that dialog every-time we put the headset on. 

Apparently they have a hard time to see why this would be a problem at all, so I guess they are not working on a solution

+1 it's like everything related to account / auth at this company... 

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