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Switch User dialogue popping up all the time


I have two quests and on the second one I have another account as a secondary account so that I can play some games with a friend if they use my other one. However every time the oculus wakes up it asks me if I want to switch accounts and it is very frustrating since I almost never do and I haven't been able to find anyway to stop this dialogue. Or am I just missing something?


Are you serious? This is a f*** joke and it's at the same level as saying "oh, you have a problem? Don't use the headset".
Fuc*** unbelievable.
I have the same problem and seeing you haven't solved this **bleep** in more than a year you won't now...
This is why everyone hates you Meta

I really think they should fix it, especially since people will be getting quest 3s and a lot of people will have two headsets and want to use two accounts to play with other people 

That's exactly my case. I installed a secondary account to play with friends, but I can't stand that annoying pop EVERY SINGLE TIME I take off the headset for a second popping up.


It really feels like meta just doesn't care.

The worst thing is that they will probably take years to solve a 10 minute work to fix this bug.


This is VERY FRUSTRATING on the Quest 2 and Quest 3.

I usually put on my headset and then use the amazing passthrough feature to find my controllers. But this "Switch User" screen has no passthrough, and no hand tracking, and it pops up each single time I put on my headset. So I'm basically blindfolded, and forced to look for my controllers without actually seeing anything. Horrible UX.

Please either:

- add passthrough to Switch User page

- add hand tracking to Switch User page

- add option to disable Switch User page, just use the last account, or allow setting a default one (seems to be the most preferred by the community!)

Welcome to the club of people that hate Meta for not taking care of their platform.

They won't fix this probably in years. I have reported a lot of problems like this for years an not even 10% have been fixed(and the ones that get fixed, get it done very badly).

Just read the Meta support answer to this thread: "If you don't want to see it, delete your secondary account". LOL. What a joke...


Sorry. We are all mad at them. Get used to the pop up 

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey guys. I completely get wanting to go straight into your secondary account whenever you're on the headset. I know how having to deal with the dialogue can take time away from enjoying VR on your own account. Even though this is a standard feature for switching accounts, I know that we are always looking for ways to improve the experience for everyone. What you can do is post your suggestions and ideas on the Ideas Page here in the forums. There, other users and developers are able to share their suggestions and thoughts with each other, and some of them have even been implemented in recent updates.